Sunday, 15 July 2012

A little quiet :)

I have been very quiet this weekend for good reason...

Oh happy days when this arrived in the post, I have decided to do a small quilting project first so its all about squares for wash bags this weekend and looking around for cheap shower curtains for the insides. I have decided to get a move on and make some Christmas pressies as it will be on us soon enough and with the amount of children I have you have to think of these things in July :)

I also had a bit of shopping therapy and bought myself a bag as my other bag was well falling apart I know I should make one really but I kind of bought one for around £20 when I was going to buy a Cath Kidson one, so I saved a bit (well that's my thinking anyway around it).

I love my bag :) and believe me it is a much improvement on my old poor battered one :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend I am keeping it short today as my squares are calling honestly I was like a little kid when it arrived.

Love LBF x


  1. Hello LBF! I am eager to see your progress with the rotary cutter. I think mine may be a little dull or I just don't know how to operate it correctly. I should take a class.
    I LOVE your bag! I splurged and ordered a Cath Kidston bag last Christmas and I still adore it! Yours is so pretty!
    Are the children free from school now? I bet you'll have a lot of fun with everyone about!

    1. Hi :) this is the children's last week and school and it is manic with school leavers play and school prom on Thursday but yes come Friday evening we will have no school runs and I will take some time off work and we can all enjoy the summer(rainy) holiday. I am rotary cutting everything here everyone is keeping out my way in case they get reshaped:) x

  2. hello
    am catching up on your lovely posts at last :)
    i've always felt a bit nervous of rotary cutters and other sharp tools as i am a bit of a butterfingers.
    your rose fabric is lovely and the new bag too.. i really like the satchel style, lots of room for everything and very pretty.
    looks like you'll be having lots of fun over the summer hols with your sweet family.

    1. Hi :) there is nothing to be nervous of as it's obviously fool proof as I can use it :) I bought some lovely books that arrived today and one of them is called With Fabric & Thread by Joanna Figueroa it is a beautiful book with her life experience of quilting so if you are ever thinking of starting up then buy that book x

  3. Hello there!
    I love your new bag. (Its dreamy and summery)
    Just the job!
    Thank you for such lovely comments over on mine and I was so interested to hear that your Brother is one of the chauffeurs delivering athletes from the Olympic village to the stadium! wow!
    Although we all as a family have tickets now,only us parents get to see Deano for a short while before he runs (1500 metres) It is gonna seem a long way around, watching my lad! ( I know I will cry)
    this is the last week of school for your 'wee' ones , so I hope you can chill and enjoy the long holidays....
    Am a hoping the sun is shining on your Wednesday too!
    love mariax

    1. Even more interesting for me as I was a 1500 metre runner myself I loved 800 metres better but my athletic club said I was a 1500 metre runner and they were right in the end as after 800 metres of a 1500 metre race only the best and toughest are left to fight it to the end :). I cannot wait now I will be soo excited too but not as excited as you his mum it's sooo amazing :) You and I both know that the Paralympics are much more special. Trust me I will be shouting for him and so will all my kids and my mum as she reads my blog and mentioned him too today after reading the comments xxx

    2. Awww...
      I can tell you have running in your blood!!
      By this lovely comment...
      Monday 3rd Sept 9.25pm (race for athletes with cerebral palsy)
      We are Calling it D day!!
      Love Mariax
      Soo love your mug warmer for your little ones teacher ( how lucky is she) Thats one fab pressie!!

  4. I have added that date and time to my calender :) and yes D day is an excellent name for that day. I actually cannot wait and I bet you, your family and Deano are beside yourself with proudness and excitement. Would be lovely if my brother turned out to be your chauffeur xx