Monday, 5 November 2012

Cat crochet

I thought to myself today that although I am working hard trying to pack everything I would have a little crochet break as it's been a little while since I could get into my creative side :(  I settled myself down in a little corner...went to get a drink and............

look what I come back too :/ Mr very cheeky cat! thought he would have a little go at crochet and by the time I had called my girls April and Lily up to see him and they got their camera's out to take a photo, Buddy the cat fell sound asleep..

Well it was certainly a good time had by Buddy, maybe now he is asleep I can catch up on some well needed creativity as now the Autumn weather is here there is nothing better then getting all the work in progress that piled up from last year ;) Speak very soon and hope you are all well.

Love LBF x


  1. Bless him, I expect he is hinting to his mummmy for a snuggly winter blanket.
    Ooooo what are you making with the blue?

  2. Hi LBF! How funny! What a sneaky and curious kitty cat!
    I hope you are doing well!

  3. Ooh for the love of cats!
    They are just into every thing, aren't they just.
    Good to hear from you too, dear blogging friend.
    Hope all goes well with your move to new pastures...
    love Maria x