Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What have I gone and done now?

So I had this brainwave a year or so ago to relocate from London to the West Country and I seem to be taking all this very seriously this Country lark as we are now the new owners of an allotment..

Looks a tadge neglected doesn't it but with the help of some of my excited (those that are not old enough to know better) children we have plans that we will be growing all our fruit, veg, salad etc..well we hope!

I will update with pics over the next month (year..decade) or so on our possible or impossible progress..

bye for now LBF x

Monday, 21 April 2014

I am still here....

It just always has been busy and hectic trying to get everything done....

I have done quite a lot though behind the scenes with help from my children the older and young ones..

This was our kitchen when we first moved in pretty drab right?!

but now we have updated it to our taste a bit more although it's still not finished..I mean when are we ever finished...

 I have so much more work to do but am a lot happier with this kitchen for now... this is my favourite part of the kitchen

 I love this dresser so much and it has some new pretty cups I have bought inside but also some very old which came from a neighbour when I was a little girl who we used to call Auntie Till.

bye for now and hopefully not for so long LBF x

Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year, New start and a kind of new way of life..............

Happy New year for 2014.

I so cannot believe it has been since the 1st September since I last posted WOW is all I can say! There was an absence for all sorts of reasons like moving, trying to unpack, getting carpets and decorating and being quite ill at the same time too.

I have had some great times though and living here in Somerset now makes we wake up blessed every morning :) I had a great Christmas with the kids and even my older daughter helped me with getting the house ready as did some of the little ones too well apart from LAZY son but I have discovered after very much persuasion that Joshua cooks and very well too so I will get some grumpy teenage boy chef moments here and there..

I have had a lot of trouble with my left arm/shoulder so any craft has been out of the question for quite a while now and I cannot use my sewing machine either but the other night I did manage to start a little crochet

Not a huge amount done I know but the feeling of getting back to my crochet is ENORMOUS happiness just need to take it a little slow as crochet one handed is not easy you know.. I must say I am loving this Your Handmade Home Magazine/book I picked it up at the local supermarket £7.99 and this is issue 4 (I really want issue 1,2,and 3 now. It is packed full of things I would love to make and I was debating getting it due to the price but I am glad I did now

Bye for now should be back a lot sooner this time...