Sunday, 1 September 2013

A house we can call HOME :)

Finally after lots of anticipation we have moved in...It is lovely and quiet here with lots of lovely shops full of inspiration, I think our hearts belonged to the country as we have settled in so well.

There is quite a lot to do..

But we love our house and we are very happy here, it's a blank canvas inside at the moment so I/we are having a great time designing each room, looking for  schools, exploring and exploring and finding such lovely quaint shops....We have only been here a week but it seems like longer...

With love


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Moving on............

It has been a long time coming but finally we have our new house and are relocating to.........

Can you guess? the town with the cobbled street and the stream running down the middle.. in the West Country ?

It's Frome we are all very excited here to be moving and should land there around mid August time :)  This blog will liven up some what soon once we move but until then I hope you are all having a beautiful summer in this heatwave we are having.

Speak soon LBF xx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Meet Doris

I may not be on here often at the moment but am never too far away...

I just wanted to put a quick little post up about the new arrival in my family

this is Doris :) and me and her are going to have lots of fun over the next few weeks,months and years.... I am so looking forward to my clothes making journey. I have wanted a mannequin for agesss and agggggggeeeesss and finally have her and after watching the Great Sewing Bee I got that extra push to finally purchase.

Will be back real soon with some Doris work I just have to measure everyone in the house now :)

Hope you are enjoying the lovely spring sun x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ok let's have some happiness around

Well we are still waiting to move but is all good as I am preparing so by the time we get there I will have made so many things which I will post when finished.

I wanted to spread some happiness and to introduce one of my daughters who loves to sing I do the same only I don't seem to have the same tone but sing I do all the is a recent youtube video of daughter number 2

We are all very upbeat here and the moment and I really hope you are too :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Please let me get off the very rocky road bus!

OK it has been quite a while since my last post but oh boy we have had some hills to climb and some were very steep!  It started with my children's paternal grandmother who was diagnosed with lung cancer and died after 7 weeks of diagnosis god rest her soul. Then one of my younger daughter's being attacked outside her school by two girls from her school she did not even know one of whom was 14 my daughter is only 11, because of the seriousness of her injuries we had to get police was quite a shock to my daughter too as she is very soft hearted and could not understand why it happened to her...

The same daughter some weeks later complained of headaches and pain in her bones, I thought maybe it was because of what happened and she was scared to go to school so for a few days she attended school then got straight in bed and was as weak as a forward a bit and she started getting very high temperatures so after a visit to hospital she was diagnosed with viral meningitis (this was a few days before Christmas) blood tests also came back that she was extremely low with Vitamin D and an iron level of 4.1 so even now she is quite tired but has started to go back to school part-time and is now on medication so with a bit of luck her repeat blood tests soon will be better.

To be honest when we went from 2012 to 2013 I breathed a sigh of relief!

We are also moving any day now and I have not even started to pack (well one bag of towels :) but I have started a ripple blanket but it won't be coming with us as I am going to give it to my oldest daughter who is 21 this year. I also am still on a Uni blanket of hers too and I have a heart crochet blanket still to finish for my youngest daughter AND I want some for the new home...BUT do you know what? all these WIP are keeping me sane and calm and also I do think we can get on the happy bus at the next station :)

There are two of the WIP the heart one has been there forever it seems but it is getting a lot of attention now, the ripple has just been started as my daughter's birthday is March the 3rd it would be lovely to give it to her on the day, well actually a bit before as she is going to Berlin to celebrate her birthday with some friends which I thought was a lovely place and way to celebrate.

Anyhow hope all is well with everyone else and 2013 is going to be a lovely year for us all.  One of my New years resolution is to blog a bit more.