Sunday, 22 July 2012

My daughter's Prom day

This is one of the reason's I have been so busy...

My little girl April left primary school so had her leaver's play and Prom all in one week and these are the picture's from her Prom, this little girl of mine is always wearing leggings or jeans and here she is in a dress that she chose herself awwwwww I was soooo proud to see her all dressed up for her prom. April is a shy little one and does not like to stand out normally but bless her she has been getting a little more confident. She had a lovely evening and I hope she has a lovely time in her new secondary school were she wants to earn enough grades to study to be a Vet unless she changes her mind like children do at this age do but her love of animals is very apparent.

Here she is with one of her cats Buddy.

Love you April as I love all my children and will always be behind all of you for whatever you chose to do in life just to see you children smile is beautiful xxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Teacher's presents..

It has come to the time of year where the children give there teacher a present and this year the children said "Can you make something Mum" so that I have and as usual last minute with virtually no time to spare. I wanted to design my own too and have finished the first design here of my cup warmer or mug warmer whatever you like to call them :)

Not a great picture but I only had seconds to take one as my daughter wanted to give it to her art teacher who she said would love a first design, I will be tweaking it today to come out with my final design just in time to make some tonight ready and wrapped up tomorrow with chocolates inside for the well deserved teachers.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend we are going to see the Olympic flame go by at the end of our road on Saturday morning and then the rest of it lots of rotary cutting I hope. Bye for now I better go and get working on this cup warmer for the final finished design  LBF x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A little quiet :)

I have been very quiet this weekend for good reason...

Oh happy days when this arrived in the post, I have decided to do a small quilting project first so its all about squares for wash bags this weekend and looking around for cheap shower curtains for the insides. I have decided to get a move on and make some Christmas pressies as it will be on us soon enough and with the amount of children I have you have to think of these things in July :)

I also had a bit of shopping therapy and bought myself a bag as my other bag was well falling apart I know I should make one really but I kind of bought one for around £20 when I was going to buy a Cath Kidson one, so I saved a bit (well that's my thinking anyway around it).

I love my bag :) and believe me it is a much improvement on my old poor battered one :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend I am keeping it short today as my squares are calling honestly I was like a little kid when it arrived.

Love LBF x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What a week!

This week I do not seem to have sat down, it is Wednesday already and the days have flown by.  Last week we had the sports day and the rain did keep off  and there I was with my older daughter Emily and they completely forgot one of my children (the youngest) so she never got to participate in any races but she was ok as she decided to go on a bug hunt whilst it was all going on. My other daughter who would have loved to of been left out and just done one skipping race and came last with the skipping rope all wrapped round her legs bless her, she really is not the sporty kind of girl but boy can she do art.

This busy week consisted of my son Will's taster day at college,he has just completed all his exams for which we are waiting for the results in August. My older Uni daughter Amy moved house yesterday so me and my brother went an helped with that. This morning it is one of the younger ones taster day at her new secondary school she starts in September, fingers crossed she gets on fine.Today I have my COPD appointment with my nurse then a quick dash to pick daughter up in time from her taster day and work all day tomorrow so it really will be a thank god it's Friday on Friday.

I still managed to make a dishcloth in between the chaos and finish some squares for youngest daughter's heart blanket.

Ribbed dishcloth

So not all bad and I have been looking into rotary cutters and boards so I can get on with some quilting I hopefully will be able to purchase them next week.

Well that's it from me this week hope everyone has a beautiful end of week/weekend  love LBF x