Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ok let's have some happiness around

Well we are still waiting to move but is all good as I am preparing so by the time we get there I will have made so many things which I will post when finished.

I wanted to spread some happiness and to introduce one of my daughters who loves to sing I do the same only I don't seem to have the same tone but sing I do all the is a recent youtube video of daughter number 2

We are all very upbeat here and the moment and I really hope you are too :)


  1. Super sweet....good luck moving! Heidi

  2. Sweet! I'm glad you're feeling happy!

  3. Lovely. Does she go to a singing coach? Such a lovely voice. I can't sing for toffee. Christmas Carol Service is the best I get.

    Good luck with the move. Do you have any idea of the date yet?

    1. Thank you,,when she was younger she got a scholarship for one of those top London theatre school's she got some work out of it from Sony but appearing in videos and some TV work and was also in the film Harry Potter etc etc but she loved to dance mostly and act but can sing very good at soprano she should be an opera singer really but she does not want to she just has to try and make some adjustments with her singing which is like starting from scratch again.

      The move Oh My found the perfect looking house only they had left out in the photo the electric substation next door with all caution yellow caution death stickers it so gave that one a miss but will go move in with my sister if it take much longer x

  4. ~ Hello Mrs! Awww how lovely is this...A talented young lady..and some thing else we both have in common, my friend, because my daughter sings also and plays acoustic guitar! hehe..I am wishing you well with this move, it will be good for you to lay down some new roots....With the kindest thoughts Maria x